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Palacio Consulting Ltd,
Lake District, UK
No. 06542110
Since: 2006

Making IT Solutions -> Make Sense

Palacio Consulting Ltd (PCL) is an IT consulting agency based in the Lake District.


We work with any size of business on creating IT solutions to problems, troubleshooting, project delivery or simple access to the right knowledge. This could be in web, ecommerce, touch and mobile / App from design to delivery.


Here are some of the ways PCL can help you:

  • Product Management & Development
    • 20 years in software and hardware product management
    • Turn that idea into reality - hardware or software
    • Market Research
  • Solution Provision
    • Finding IT solutions to fulfil your business requirements or your business's potential - from front line sales through platform integration in to back office efficiencies
    • Design and Prototyping (software and hardware) by bringing your idea to life
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Technical sales strategies and sales stimulus (B2B and B2C)
    • Marketing strategies to support sales team
    • Systems to support sales, including CRM
    • Finding routes to market for your product or ideas and market research
    • Web site, e-commerce systems, online marketing, including affiliate marketing
    • Direct sales conversion (strategies and direct involvement to help you to win bids)
  • Troubleshooting
    • Sales stimulation / assessment reports
    • Complete lingering projects
    • Efficiencies
    • IPR & legal / contract mediation 
  • Simple advice for problems or ideas


We have no geographic constraints, we choose to live in the beautiful Lake District but have clients and suppliers from all around the World.

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