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Palacio Consulting Ltd,
Lake District, UK
No. 06542110
Since: 2006

About PCL

Palacio Consulting Ltd (PCL) was created in 2006 for post-acquisition consultancy work at JPinteractive Ltd and for web or offbeat projects whilst we ran Touch4 Ltd until its acquisition in 2012.


It has been awoken again for the services as set out in our home page, the culmination of 20 years in creating solutions and solutions sales experience.


The main experience accumulated within PCL is broadly running IT businesses that have serviced SME, well known / high street brands with different solutions and before that being an early pioneer of web and E-commerce systems offering services out to marketing companies and their sceptical clients who did not understand the rising Internet, that was back in 1998.


Boiling that down into real World skills you have an accumulation of IT Solution expertise that turn a real business problem into a solution almost on the fly, getting to the heart of the issue through learning the business quickly and applying knowledge or researched ideas to the solution. On the flip side of that, we've been SME owners and gone through the highs and the lows of business and can help SME's with real problems or growing pains as well as look for simple solutions based upon proven techniques.


We also have an excellent network of proven businesses and individuals to be able to deliver the projects, all managed by Mark Palacio -


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