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Our method to a successful IT project:


It is important to get the basics done first, to talk to you and your staff where required to get the facts based upon the issue whether it's a new project or product that needs developing / completing, a sales channel needs opening or a sales team need developing then an initial audit and data gathering will give us a comprehensive feel for how we can help your organisation.


Once we've done the assessment, we will summarise with a detailed proposal that will focus on the business problem or requirement. We will provide recommendations, where we could help or where we can sign post you to the expertise needed to complete the project.


Through the recommendations will come the goals to be achieved from them, along with an implentation plan. This plan will include the project management of the critical path, any procurement, training and documentation. During implementation we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition.


It is important that once the recommendations and goals have been agreed that we monitor the results. During assessment we will be gathering information to set a base standard with a trend and then monitor the progress of the recommendations (as much as possilble in real-time) so they can be fine-tuned and completed to achieve the goals we've set out.


As a business we are results based with a focus on a return on investment - we won't start the journey if we do not feel you can get a ROI, although we assume the same effort from our client to achieve it. We set out the goals to achieve the results, not to create more problems so with that in mind we will conclude with a report that shows the journey, the costs and dependent on whether it's development, costs savings or sales then we conclude it and do not let it linger.

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